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A Just Society is Possible:

11 Aug

Diary from Global Ecovillage Network conference 2012

By Nara Petrovič

(The article was originally published in Slovenian in the neswpaper Delo, Sobotna priloga, August 4th, 2012)

I heard a call from across the Hungarian plains! The makers of a better world were gathering in Krishna Valley Ecovillage, south of Lake Balaton, Hungary. I joined them for the fourth time—desiring to give, and with the hope that I will learn something new, something amazing, as I have done three times so far:-

In 2009, I brought from Finland the seed of the idea of ‘cleaning the country’ in one day. In 2010, in Italy, I realized the dimensions of the phenomenon of ecovillages, and their importance in addressing pressing global problems. In 2011, I recognized the importance of water as a strategic resource and saw a practical example of restoring water landscapes; a practice worth implementing everywhere in the world. What will I learn this year, I wondered?

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