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Teachings of the man who helped himself

20 Feb

A wild man in the wilderness, nothing special, that’s something we can imagine. But how to live in the wilderness as an urban, civilized person? How to find a balance between harmony with nature and being connected with the society as it is — without fear, cynicism, grief, anger? How to maintain dignity inside being different? How to live with less without renunciation? What do we really need and what are merely bad habits and whims? 

[This article was published in Slovenian in September 2013 in “Pomagaj si sam” special edition of Jana magazine…]

When people come to visit me they admire the nature, the modesty, the aesthetics. They are attracted by the fact the wilderness is only partially tamed, not completely subdued. On the other hand they admit it would be hard for them to survive without the commodities of the modern society. Even though they are suffocated by the city they can’t even imagine the simple lifestyle as something plausible.

Then they start asking questions: What about water? Electricity? Job? Where do you get the money? Where is the toilet? What is your occupation? What do you eat? How do you find the time to do everything you do? … How do you actually survive? They use plural in the end realizing there is more of us here.

This is a personal story about a man, who helped himself and sorted out his life in such a way that he radically decreased his dependence on unnecessary necessities of the modern society without stopping his engagement in that same society. Does he have anything valuable to share with his readers? Let’s check it out …


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How to Create a New Social System

1 Nov

Are you fed up with the present social system?
Are you wishing to join or create a system that’s newer, better, healthier?
Are you already a part of an alternative community / network?
Are you struggling with the old system’s complexity, rigidity, formality and subservience to rules that actually damage the society and nature? (In other words: you attempt to do something positive “out of the box” but the existing system thwarts your efforts, forcing you back into the box.)
Have you discovered great solutions that work, but can’t convince the local government to take them up?
Are you starting to see the flaws of the new, emerging systems, but can’t identify precisely what causes these flaws?

In the revolutions in the past only the surface changed while the tenets of the society remained the same. But revolution is not the only option we have. We can also evolve and transform organically through evolution that isn’t enforced but springs from the nature of human individuals and communities.

The basic question here is: What is the ideal human existence?
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