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The world can do without me

22 Jun

Snake bite can be enchantingly healing. It calls for soul’s reconciliation and integration, an inner dialogue, a poem. The beauty of life is comprised of both light and shades; embracing the shades is a prerequisite of embracing the totality of beauty.

Yes, it is painful, annoying and nasty. Snakes obviously prefer their prey shit-free — the poison is some kind of purge, releasing the victim completely of the contents of their intestines. In this case my intestines. So, there I was discharging stinky liquid from mouth and anus simultaneously, cramps gripping my bowels, liver and kidneys pulsating. No fun!

Six little holes ... triple bite!

Six little holes … triple bite!

After two hours (partially my fault, I delayed my trip to the hospital, oh, so strong and brave; and partially the fault of amusingly slow reactions of the personnel in the hospital) I was finally administered the serum to counteract the poison.

What a relief! The last consequence was gradual swelling of the leg that spread slowly from the foot upwards, all the way to buttocks and lower part of the abdomen.

Awkward, yes; painful, not really. I’ve been through worse…


May the adventure begin!

Being the kind of person that I am, I take everything that happens as deeply meaningful. Whatever out-of-the-ordinary event I get pushed into by the vicissitudes of life, I take that event as an adventure not as inconvenience. Even when this puts me in a position of having to cancel a more enjoyable adventure, in this case a trip to Iceland.

Now, laying in the hospital, my eyes, ears and spirit are fully open.

What did I learn in the last 52 hours?

This time my inner voice was disguised as a little gray horned viper, exactly like the one that bit me. Thus She spoke:

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