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How to shit

2 May

I need a new word!

English language has no neutral word for shit, my main field of research. All are either clinical, vulgar, slangish, or baby talk: BM, crap, defecate, discharge, excrement, expurgate, evacuate, faeces, poop, secretion, stool, ca-ca…



We take a shit – or rather leave it – every day. Or at least we wish we would. Still, talking about shit is obscenity. To me this is a clear sign of dungmatism.

I always wished someone would cut the crap and speak out on our collective shitzophrenia. Since nobody else did it so far, I guess it will have  to be me

We are repulsed by shit from our anus, while naively swallowing the shit that is smeared all over mass media. We evade any touch with feces while filling our home with all kinds of shit. Our minds are filled with futile, vain, nonsensical mental diarrhea.

We don’t want to have anything to do with our own shit. We dump it into toilet and flush it away and we’re done with it once and for all. We don’t give a shit about shit!

Ultimately we become estranged from the elementary act of defecation, unable to shit as a normal human being.

Globally, the total value of wasted resources and health-care expenses, related to our perverted shitting culture is gargantuan.

I am not the first to say this: one of the biggest blunders of humanity is water toilet. Where I am the first is in pulling all the threads together and creating a science about shit, called fecology.

It is not only about what happens to the faecal matter and urine after we excrete them, it is about how we do it: in what bodily posture, in what emotional state, in what social context. Fecology brings shit to the surface of absolutely every branch of science, culture and art: psychology, sociology, ethnology, ecology, biology, chemistry, history, geography, philosophy, religion, fashion, economy of shit. But first and foremost fecology is about elementary well-being and plainest possible common sense.

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