About Nara

A wild man in the wilderness — nothing special. That’s something we can imagine. But how to live in the wilderness as an urban, civilized person? How to find a balance between harmony with nature and being connected with the society as it is — without fear, cynicism, grief, anger? How to maintain dignity inside being different? How to live with less without renunciation? What do we really need and what are merely bad habits and whims? (More …)

Such questions fascinate me and guide me on my inner quest towards genuine humanness. They inspired me to experiment with natural living which started in 2007 when I wrote the book: Human: Instructions for Use. Since then I am always barefooted, I use chewing sticks instead of toothbrushes, I squat on the toilet, I moved from chairs to the floor etc.

I wrote five books in Slovenian and at least 300 articles and essays. In 2014 I received the Slovenian best essay award for the text This is not the awarded essay.


Cheers from the best “table” in my “restaurant”!

People relish my inspired vegetarian cooking and unique massage. I know edible wild plants, I do permaculture.

I facilitate events and assist groups in nourishing healthy inner dynamics. I am active in the Global Ecovillage Network and am a council member of ECOLISE (European Network for Community-­Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability). I was involved in ERASMUS+ funded project CLIPS (Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability).

In 2009/10 and 2011/12 I was one of the coordinators of the campaign Let’s clean Slovenia in one day! Whenever invited I support teams of Let’s do it! World Cleanup campaings worldwide with my know-howI trained national leaders for World Cleanup Day 2018 from +100 countries.

I am an amusing lecturer. Per example, in Latvia I spoke on Riding the wave of inner calling in front of a thousand people.

I travel quite a lot, but always with a good reason and purpose: to widen my worldview and to share experiences with others. I’ve been in 50 countries so far (in 40 barefoot).

You can expect me to be cultured and smart, but don’t expect me to be polished and to respect the prevailing social manners. Breaking the ice, pioneering, starting up new chapters in all fields that invite me, that is my life. I am a master of nothing, but I am good in a myriad of things. My strength is the ability to describe things very well, whether in books, articles or lectures.

Edwin Schlossberg probably had me in mind when he wrote: “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.”

Jure Capuder described me thus: “As far as I know the philosophical, therapeutic, ecological, sociocritical, alternative scene, Nara is definitely the avant-garde. Not only in Slovenia, but also in the world. I think that because of the combination of the “Robinsonian” way of life, lucidity, insight into social processes … he is truly unique. He is not only a theoretician, a critic of the system, of our everyday habits, infested with capitalist ideology, but also one of the few people with a concrete vision of human-friendly alternatives to the current system and way of life. Not only a vision, but also an intricate methodology how to get there. For me, he is, also from the political point of view, social therapist of the future.”



5 Responses to “About Nara”

  1. Rodolfus July 20, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    I love you!

  2. phlashypheebs October 25, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    You sound very cool…without all the clutter of western ‘cool’, y’know minimalist cool,, which I think is the real cool….
    ha ha!
    REAL COOL!!!
    I think I love you too.

  3. Ernesto Sun August 9, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

    Yes Nara! I love you!! I hope you are doing super-well. I am living in InanItah now. Maybe we can see you here once again at some point.

    Have all luck you need!!!


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