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Wasting generations

9 Feb

It amuses me to read statistics on global generation of waste – simply because the phrase “waste generation” is such an oxymoron!

Generating or producing waste implies intention. It means there is is vision and plan behind it. To generate waste means to want it for a particular purpose. However, the reality is that waste is an embarrassing flaw in the system of managing resources – and ourselves, actually.

In nature most substances that come as a side-effect of biological processes soon find their way into other biological processes. The substances that cannot be absorbed accumulate gradually and transform into habitats or reserves.

We should drop the word “generate”, and just say “wasting”. That’s it: wasting, period. Humans are wasting everything they come in touch with. Who doesn’t know this powerful short animated film:


Wasted goods

We can turn the phrase around and describe ourselves as “wasted generations”. Don’t you think that whole generations are being wasted nowadays? You know: squandered. Not just generations of human beings, but also those of animals and plants. We are wasted in order to be feed the sheer madness of economic growth.

When I look around I don’t see progress and growth, I see is congestion and stress – in a shiny package. More trucks on the road, more planes in the sky, more tankers on the sea, more shopping malls where there used to be forests and fields, more smoke, more asphalt, more plastic … wasting, wasting, wasting …

Trucks and planes don’t carry better goods and better people. They carry waste in more and more efficient packages. (Efficient meaning deceptive.)

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