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Eternity lost in an instance

15 Jan

Yearning for eternity led to the construction of some of the most magnificent and sturdy buildings in the history: pyramids, temples, churches … Today the tallest and shiniest commercial centres are driven by the exactly opposite motivation: instant gratification.

How and when did we barter eternity for a flash of pleasure? As valid as this question is, it is even more curious that we keep building immense sturdy structures even though we pretty much gave up on the quest for eternity.


It makes sense to invest centuries of time and thousands of human lives into building a pyramid that would last millennia, if your value is eternity. But why in the world would you build a skyscraper a hundred storeys high only to furnish offices for clerks that service instant gratification of a civilisation? Ok, we might conclude, philosophically, both eternity and instant gratification are illusory, subjective, but still, the consequence is as real as can be: extremely robust architecture. How did this happen?

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