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Love bites

30 Jul

How could I not
be in love
with that pungent trace
she scorched
into my heart?

I’ll be an angel
to the devil
if that makes
her what she
must be.


She comes in so
many tastes,
laying in my hands
like my dearest
casket with spices.

I can not taste her alone …
A taste must be blended
with others, must be
in plural,
never alone!


That taste I am
in love with,
that pungent trace
she keeps scorching
into my heart …

… that taste is
my reminder that love
comes in unique morsels,
to be chewed, relished …
before they are gone.


What are you living for, my friend?

8 Jul

What are your hours and years flowing for?

You stay in the office late, you rarely lay down in the grass all day enjoying the sky’s blueness.


Photo: Ljubica Vojnovic

You’re spending the nights in your soulless flat.

You’re paying a rent for your mere existence.

You never meet the owners of everything you know of.

You yourself own nothing that matters to your heart.

That is because you yourself behave like a possession, doing everything they tell you.

When have you last consulted your heart before you said “Yes,” to you owners?

When have you done something sacred, yet so much out of the ordinary that you risked being locked into a madhouse?

Among mad people being considered mad is the ultimate confirmation of sanity.

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