Nature Dancing … we are

9 Feb

I am fed up with hyperactive
minds, and pretentious faces,
hands unconsciously waving,
and eyes in the clouds,
feet uncomfortable on Earth,
crossed and unstable,
skin starving touch,
covered by another skin
which is not really ours …
While the tongue relentlessly
goes on: Blah, blah, blah …

We all are — covered —
by another skin which is not
our own! We’d never put it
on, if we could choose.
So covered we are, covered!
Covered with music
that is not our own,
that enchants us and
lures us away from
the naked truth, into
overdressed constructs,
deadening ideals and norms.

I am fed up with norms,
normatives and normalities!
Norming a dance is killing
a dance, killing the dancers’
souls and their nakedness.
Dancing bodies need nakedness.
Humans can dance to the music
that springs from within,
and strip the “meaning” of
the dance and the dancer
of the stiffening presumptions.

What they usually choose is
to do exactly the opposite.

Ecology and hygiene are one
and the same: getting rid
of harmful and unnecessary
to protect and enhance that,
which matters: life. Selling
the soul is selling life.
What is human without life?
What is life, anyway? Life is
conscious meeting of bodies
in a dance; life is allowance
to be nameless and frameless,
to dance and be danced,
to follow the Nature’s melody
reverberating through us, so we
could be Her self-realisation
through the act of our dancing.

Through the act of OUR Dancing
… We are …


One Response to “Nature Dancing … we are”

  1. Kitty February 14, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

    What a beautiful poem i want to dance with all who are reading this poem, thank you Nara

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