What makes certain days fabulous?

11 Aug

It is all about story …
When a day enriches my story,
when it clarifies
or suffocates it,
when it strengthens
or crushes it,
forcing me to be authentic,
accessible, real,
when the day brings me something
that I’ll be telling you in thirty years,
when the day breaks me, shakes me,
takes me, unmakes me,
when it is unforgettable,
that’s when I can say it was fabulous.


All fabulous days fit well
with other days and years,
even with boredom
and dreaminess,
anger and resentment,
madness and loneliness …
if they slip into reality,
ultimately making the story
that is me, broader and better,
when they make me more
of what I am called to be.


One Response to “What makes certain days fabulous?”

  1. Nano Čistila November 4, 2014 at 9:29 am #

    Res lepa misel.

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