GEN in my genes

14 Jul

Have you ever had
that fleeting feeling
of knowing
what it’s all about,
but had no words
that could express it?
Have you,
tried to write a poem?
Just for yourself?

It takes one to live,
it takes two to love.
It takes one tongue
to speak,
it takes two ears
to correspond.
It takes a word
to convey the meaning,
it takes a rhyme
to amaze.

Universe is not so big
because matter needed space
to move,
it is so big to allow
the Human spirit
to soar.

I heard a song
about a butterfly.
It interests me less
who wrote it,
for it made me see
who was it
that heard it.

I understood no words,
but the rhymes were amazing.
Something like:
“Whoever sings,
has butterfly’s wings.”
Only more gracefully said.

I sang a song
it was amazing.
About genes and GEN.
About GEN and genes,
About us and me,
about me and us.
About caterpillar’s jaw
and butterfly’s flight.

A wise man said:
“The caterpillar
does all the work,
but the butterfly gets
all the publicity.”

I”ll say no more.
I wrote a poem.
My time is up.
Brunch is served …


One Response to “GEN in my genes”

  1. Alex August 1, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    I’m sure you’ve had the Nature experience
    you’re laying back on the grass
    or the sand
    or the rock
    or the bed

    and everything feels Just Right
    the sunshine and the colors
    the sky and the clouds
    or no clouds and all the shades of blue are awash in the sky
    and the flowers or trees or fields or moss or beach or sheets
    are close and in focus and far and shimmer
    or play in silver shadows
    and they have their scent and sound
    their buzz or song or whisper

    and in that moment
    there is clarity
    and you can Hear it all
    and you can hear yourself
    you hear the depths of your self
    like the sound water makes when it pours from a spring
    from deep down

    sometimes it happens with People too.

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