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24 Jul

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From August 4 to 19, 2012, the emerging eco-community Naravice in Slovenian Istria (close to Koper) will host a two week event to delve into nature, people and relationships, called simply ADVANCE.

Here are a few photos 
from the last year’s event; and a nice little video from a permaculture workshop this winter (unfortunately only in Slovenian).

The event won’t be a ready-made seminar, workshop or camp, all the participants will co-create it together using methods, techniques and games for enhancing group dynamics—while working, cooking, dancing, playing …

We’ll sleep in tents and hammocks, the meals will be vegetarian.

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GEN in my genes

14 Jul

Have you ever had
that fleeting feeling
of knowing
what it’s all about,
but had no words
that could express it?
Have you,
tried to write a poem?
Just for yourself?

It takes one to live,
it takes two to love.
It takes one tongue
to speak,
it takes two ears
to correspond.
It takes a word
to convey the meaning,
it takes a rhyme
to amaze.

Universe is not so big
because matter needed space
to move,
it is so big to allow
the Human spirit
to soar.

I heard a song
about a butterfly.
It interests me less
who wrote it,
for it made me see
who was it
that heard it.

I understood no words,
but the rhymes were amazing.
Something like:
“Whoever sings,
has butterfly’s wings.”
Only more gracefully said.

I sang a song
it was amazing.
About genes and GEN.
About GEN and genes,
About us and me,
about me and us.
About caterpillar’s jaw
and butterfly’s flight.

A wise man said:
“The caterpillar
does all the work,
but the butterfly gets
all the publicity.”

I”ll say no more.
I wrote a poem.
My time is up.
Brunch is served …


2 Jul

These days all I really do is edit my book “Human Being: Instruction for Use” in English. I am finally satisfied with the text! I decided to share the introduction with the wide world … Please, please, please, comment!

Imagethe cover of the book as I saw it in my dream — and drew it right afterwards

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