A different kind of CV

18 Sep

We live in a society of a crazy pardox: you are told to be yourself, and you are also set inside a tight cage of unreasonable limitations. Schools offer us 20, 30 choices or so. Do they want me to be what I am, or do they want me to be something that they need?

The 1st question I constantly face when people meet me is: “Why am I barefoot?” This time I’ll answer with a question to you: “Can you draw a picture, a simbol, a very simple analogy of freedom in a few words or a sentence?”

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To me it is a smiling woman … on a gallopping unsaddled horse … riding across a field with her hair loose and BAREFOOT (both the woman and the horse).

When breaking down the walls of self-inflicted cage and chosing freedom (in my case, symbolically, choosing to walk barefoot) is seen as rebellious act by its own merrit, what does this tell you about the society we live in and about ourselves?

The MEASURES and VALUES are definitely biased and partial. There is no way I could experience more of life than by walking barefoot most of the time. Lerning to give up comfort for the luxury of experiencing more is an art that you can learn only by making use of suffering.

What is the measure of ethics? What makes us civlized? The fancy clothes? The makeup? What is the measure of responsibility? And originality? Is the floor really so dirty?

What are our priorities? Can we survive in a creative way, joyfully and with the spirit of abundance even in the total simplicity? Or do you rob ourselves of joy for the sake of having? Make life as simple as possible and enjoy that to the limit, instead of complicating it to create the possibility of enjoyment that you never really use.

And at the same time be socially responsible, involved, active — even initiating progress! Living simply doesn’t mean loosing touch with the complicated world. It means charging the batteries to have the strength to make real impact.

I can sleep in a hamock with couchsurfers, wake up and then go to the top EU politicians in EU parliament to discuss global problems, they are unable to solve. These problem can be solved only by us, the people! And not with dead-serious faces! While we’re doing it, we play and laugh!

I live in a caravan, walk (or cycle) in towns as much as possible instead of using buses. Because life is an adventure and I am taking it with a large spoon. When experiences don’t abound I find abundance inside myself.

To do this I have to be able to make a paradigm shift. To turn myself (literally) upside down and check how the world looks like from there and how I feel đŸ™‚

How do I feel? Do I feel safe? Have I reached the peek of joy? How deeply am I conditioning my joy? Or am I allowing myself to be unconditionally joyful?

The next step is stepping out and showing my joyful face to the world and sharing my wisdom because I feel invited to do so for the good.

And I don’t get lost in work and worry. I marry the fun and the work.

I think this is the only way to the future. That’s why I am a part of so many great projects. Ecovillage Network, Permaculture, World Cleanup etc. How do I find the time? How do I make a living?

I write! I express what so many people feel but aren’t sufficiently perceptive and skillful to put their feelings into words. And i write from being myself, not from being a dull chess piece, tossed around by cruel forces of society and civilisation.

For many years I thought the world needs people who represent humility by standing for someone elses cause, preferably saintly and holy. Now I feel humility is about standing for myself and, even when I am lost, trusting that I am in the right place.

Yesterday someone asked me what my goal in life was. I told him how I thought since I was 12 that this life makes no sense the way we live it: study, work, raise children, retire, die. I seeked something deeper in the Eastern traditions, only to arrive back to where I started — at myself. And looking inside I realized all I need is to learn to “perceive clearly” and to “respond accurately” — and I live in LOVE, able to love others. In this way freedom and rightiousness settle in your breath and thus you can never lose touch with them. You just breathe in with a smile in your belly and you’re aligned.

Don’t avoid bad situations and feelings. As they say — the winning in a game of cards in not determined by what you do with a good hand, but by what you do with a bad hand.

Simbolically we need a new start! We are holding a bad hand, it seems, compared to what the present powers are. But their hand is only stronger than ours by THEIR RULES OF THE GAME! We have no chances of winning if we allow them to keep us pinned to their game board and their ways.

One million moment is how I still call the photo from Romania — when we cheer, coordination team realizing they could have 1 million people cleaning in one day in their country with population of 22 million. I wonder which country will be the first to pass the treshold of 1 million. If they don’t do it by the 24th of March, I don’t exclude that Slovenia will make it even with mere 2 milion population.

Why not? We aimed at 200,000 (10% of the population), and ended up with 270,000 people cleaning. Nothing was the same since. Why the photo of me in a dirty old kitchen? I am a cook, yes. And can you see the setup? Imagine walking in such a kitchen to cook 5 meals for 25 people. Impossible? Please, don’t limit yourself! And, what’s more, don’t limit myself!

My passion is massage. Real communication among people can’t occur without phisical contact. Words are not enough. The religious culture has made the culture of touch strange to practically all societies around the world. But the touch is the basics, it is the ABC of communication. It seems strange to learn to “talk” this way in the thirties, forties, but better late than never!

So, who am I really? A conglomerate of this and that, a unity of spirit,  dancing through the mazes of life. If you’re looking for my credentials, you should look into my eyes, hug me and trust your heart. Judge me with your brain and you’ll surely miss the real me. And, oh how lucky I am to be hugged by amazing people with whom I share most of the values I listed above! Am I one? Or am I community?


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